Terms of Service

By choosing the 'Bid Now' button, you agree that you are bound to the following purchase of sale terms of the offered experience without change or alteration and that this act creates a binding contract between you, the buyer and the auction seller whether or not your bid is accepted. Once you bid on an auction, you may not cancel it, and you agree to pay the total price of the transaction including applicable sales taxes and use taxes applicable in the United States.

By bidding you authorize HugeFan to charge the submitted credit card associated to your HugeFan user account up to the amount needed to complete a transaction in accordance with this agreement.

You also agree that you are above the age of 18 and that you have the power to form legally binding contracts under applicable law.

HugeFan does not act as agent for auction buyers or sellers for any reason.

Auction items offered on HugeFan may be subject to a reserve, that is an unpublished minimum price that the seller sets, under which an auction item will not be sold. When a seller sets a reserve, seller is not obligated to sell an auction item until that reserve price is met. If no auction bid reaches or exceeds the reserve price, the auction will be withdrawn from offer for sale. So long as the sale price exceeds the reserve, HugeFan maintains the right to complete a transaction.