Easter Weekend Rock Show with Sirsy
Saturday, March 30 at 9th & Beats [DC Convention Center]

Doors open at 7:30, show at 8:00

Advance tickets are ONLY $7. They'll be $10 at the door... so you're already saving 3 bucks! It's as if we're buying you a drink. (Hey, sailor! Wink!)

It's gonna be an eggcellent time! (Oh, you crack me up!)

To win Easter Egg prizes ENTER HERE*

(You don't have to go to the show to participate. Yay!)


8:00: Ponybones

9:00: Buster Brown and the Get Down

10:00: Sirsy

About Sirsy

Melanie ("Mel") Krahmer on drums and vocals and Rich Libutti on guitar. Mel sings, plays a full drum kit while standing up (she’s been featured in Modern Drummer Magazine), handles bass (played on a keyboard with her drumstick), and even throws in an occasional flute solo. Rich Libutti plays everything else, including seething guitar; bass (on a keyboard at his feet); and he is the anchor to Melanie's on stage tornado. Just the two of them because, “We never found other musicians who understood”, according to Rich. They write clever, smart songs that have more hooks than a tackle box.

302-tag@2x Price: $7.00 per person

Experience is no longer available

74-location Location: 1219 9th Street NW, Washington, DC, 20001
78-stopwatch Duration: 3 hours

Not what you were looking for? Tell us! We'll give you 2 free tickets to the event if we book it.