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Latest Dreams

Have a devil's threesome with a model with Olivier Giroud

Tour the Emirates Stadium with Arsene Wenger

go ice fishing in british columbia with Per Mertesacker

go door-to-door asking people for donations to the salvation army with Kanye West

talk about his old music with Tiesto

know your name with swedish house mafia

save the world with the Swedish House Mafia

go nuts with avicii

go to a shooting range with Robin van Persie

Have tea with Santi Cazorla

Go ice fishing with a seal

Jam with Armin van Buuren

Dance in seal costumes with Daft Punk

fok with daft puke

eat Korean barbeque with Psy

Attend a B Team global meeting with Sir Richard Branson

Host a fundraiser for Charity:Water with Jay-Z

have drinks or coffee with William Gibson or Neil Stephenson

do a project presentation with Norwegian shipping magnate John Fredriksen

shadow 1 day at Yahoo with Marissa Mayer